In 2007, nearly 10 years ago, StudioGC created a strategic business unit targeted at helping our General Contractor partners develop construction models for project coordination.  This process turned from a “hey can you help me out endeavour” to a full blown business strategy with a stand alone name “StudioBIM.”  In some respects it helped ease the bumps (or lows) of the recent slow-down in architectural projects.  In the recent years we have dropped the StudioBIM name and just worked under our StudioGC moniker as it made no sense to pretend to be anyone other than who we are….

Why we started:

Frankly it was our contractor partners that came to us.  The recession was affecting them as well and they did not want to outlay the significant investment in time, money and software to incorporate the BIM process in project coordination.  They found that it was far more cost effective to hire a partner to manage the coordination process and build the models.  While they knew that there were a number of other avenues to get construction models built from 2d CAD files we brought a few things to the table:

  • An ability to also manage the coordination process.  We came with a set, tried and true, BIM execution plan that eliminated wasted meetings and kept everyone accountable for their actions.  When followed by all parties the process went amazingly smooth.
  • We are architects that use BIM already.  We literally would find issues in the drawings that had nothing to do with the MEP process. It minimized framing issues… it also helped that we knew how to read drawings prepared by any architect. Our partners had described horror stories on issues with coordination model errors with outsourced model builders.

Technology we Utilize:

While technology does not automatically create a successful process it helps smooth the bumps.

–    StudioGC uses the autodesk naviswork platforms to find the  “clashes” between trade models. We also have used it to create timelapse models to illustrate to owners the construction process and timeline associated with the construction.

–    Point Clouds:  In the past 3 years almost everyone of our projects have utilized a point cloud model in some shape or form.  It is really a crucial element when dealing with renovations of existing structures.  It takes some care to know the limitations and now to align the new to the old but it is an invaluable tool if utilized correctly.  If not then it can be a nightmare…..  We have also used Point cloud scanning to verify positions of new steel to verify that the models received were installed correctly.

–     Other tools: We are often asked to help participate in the marketing process to illustrate how our contractor partners utilize BIM. We use a whole host of products to create exhibits that work not only to relay the information but do so in a visually interesting way that accents the story and effects of a smart 3d coordination process.

Please feel free to peruse our website to see examples of our BIM capabilities.  Even though we do not show it off, every project is created from a 3d model.  Additionally, many are coordinated with our MEP and structural consultants via a 3d process.  Happy BIM-ing.