A library can be like a closet – over time things get added, usually at a greater rate than they are removed. We all know what it is like.  “Bell-bottoms might come back.” “Someday I’m going to lose weight and that shirt will fit again.”  “One of these days I promise I’ll make that trip to Goodwill.”  It’s the same with libraries.  “I’m sure that we can squeeze in a little more seating.”  “The collection is already a little tight, but I bet that we can fit a few more on the shelf.”  “Some of our patrons still use VHS tapes!” Over time a library can become crowded and cluttered with items that are outdated and of questionable use. Add in requirements for new services that are coming on line and it can be a recipe for a crowded, inefficient, and unwelcoming space.

It’s not bad librarianship, it’s human nature; it is hard to get rid of things even when we know that we should.

The StudioGC Library Team has developed innovative ways to help our library clients find the right balance between space devoted to collections and space for all of the other new services that libraries now provide.  Along with other tools, we integrate social trends and utilize statistical analyses to work with our clients to find the right balance and help them navigate the sometimes difficult process of becoming a 21st Century library.

The Fossil Ridge Public Library was no exception. When Rich Ashley came on board as the new Library Director, he made updating the library a priority and worked to build support among the trustees for a

The library had become crowded and inefficient with little room for new services.

modernization project.  The District hired StudioGC to help them identify their needs and examine the potential of the existing library building. Working with the Library Board and staff, StudioGC recommended a general refresh, opening up the interior to improve sight lines, expanding children’s services, and providing a defined teen area.  Crucially, we worked with the Library to establish collection weeding targets that would open up the space and helped them to select furnishings and finishes that energize the interior and appeal to the wide range of ages and backgrounds represented in their district.

The newly revitalized Fossil Ridge Public Library opened to great acclaim in January 2017. It has been embraced by the public and has truly become a community center.  The StudioGC Library Team is honored to have played a part in this transformation.