For years, I was frustrated at the ways in which libraries have been planned and designed.  I saw many library building programs that called for libraries that were often larger than they needed to be, plans that did not address the realities of securing funding, projects that did not recognize what customers really want from their libraries and concepts that weren’t oriented towards future needs.

As Director of the StudioGC Library Team I worked to reorient our team to address these issues. In doing so, we have created a new way of looking at library projects; we call it “Whole Library Design”.  Whole Library Design combines great architecture with a real world expertise in library funding mechanisms, library operating costs and a cohesive vision of the future of the libraries. It is all about helping you to succeed.

Using Whole Library Design, the StudioGC library team will provide you a palette of library services that heretofore, may have required the coordinated efforts of two, three or more consultants and pull the services together into a cohesive package that exactly matches your needs. Our goals are:

  •   To empower you to provide your customers with the best-possible service at the best operating cost.
  •   To help you to provide library service in a flexible, beautiful and uplifting environment
  •   To help you to make it happen.

Keep an eye on this blog space over the coming months. I’ll discuss Whole Library Design and how our new way of looking at library projects will help you to make it happen.