Hill Elementary School

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Transition from Old to New

The new Hill Elementary School was designed and constructed in a manner to allow the existing school building to remain fully operational for an entire school year while construction activities occurred. Demolition of the existing building and final site work was completed during summer break.

Historical Restoration

As a neighborhood school with a long history and rich nostalgia, the design of the new building supports modern-day student learning while respecting the old building’s historical character. Select components from the existing building were salvaged, restored, and reinstalled as accents in the new building, including WPA tile and wood murals, original 1888 millwork closets, doors, casings, and the original Nancy L. Hill School limestone plaque.

Supporting 21st Century Learning

The school features flexible learning environments, including project-based collaborative rooms and a Learning Commons that supports and provides space for STEAM and active learning modules.

Project Highlights

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