Medical District Vascular Center and Home Dialysis Center

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Technology Support

The entire project was designed in three dimensions (BIM-Revit) allowing the client, and eventually the contractor, to understand the spatial complexities and challenges of the project and aid the development of a viable, economical solution. This specialized software enabled us to create highly accurate and coordinated construction documents, efficiently communicate the project to the entire design team and save time and money during construction.

Existing to New

Construction of the existing structure spanned many years and suffered from the complexity of multiple additions of differing construction types. Heavy masonry bearing and shear walls were part of the original structural design and further subdivided the space.

CBC Merit Award

The Medical District Vascular Center and Home Dialysis Center was a finalist for the Chicago Building Congress 2015 Merit Award for Owner’s Choice, Rehab Construction. CBC looks to award projects of all types and sizes in the Chicagoland area that demonstrate exceptional owner, architect and contractor engagement.

Project Highlights

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