West Aurora SD 129 Referendum Work

// Education
Fearn Elementary School

As part of the referendum work, a four classroom addition was constructed at Fearn Elementary School. The single-story addition includes four new classrooms with a centralized project-based breakout space. The breakout space provides an area for multiple classrooms to collaborate on projects and learning activities simultaneously.

Freeman Elementary School

The addition at Freeman Elementary School provides a new, secure main entrance to the building, main office suite, gymnasium, and a new geothermal system for the entire building. Following construction of the addition, the existing gymnasium was converted to a two-story space comprised of the Learning Commons and three new classrooms.

Jefferson Middle School

The two-story addition at Jefferson Middle School includes three new classrooms, replacing the mechanical system building-wide with a new geothermal system, two conference rooms, and a new Learning Commons. Renovations include converting the previous library to three new classrooms.

McCleery Elementary School

Renovations at McCleery Elementary School include a new geothermal system, new Learning Commons, small group rooms, two new Kindergarten classrooms, and offices. A single-story addition includes four new classrooms and a secondary building entry.

Nicholson Elementary School

Renovations to Nicholson Elementary School include a geothermal system and expanding the existing gymnasium. The two-story addition includes four classrooms and a new Learning Commons.

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